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"upgraded" to rekordbox 6, all intelligent playlists are empty

I have a DDJ-400 and back up my tracks to dropbox, and by the way 12 bucks gets you 2000 gigs direct from dropbox.  Going back to 5 until there is literally any reason to upgrade, thanks for wasting my whole afternoon, I would just stay on 5.8.5, unless you like having blank intelligent playlists, and almost a hundred of them.. what a waste of time..  


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Happened to me as well.

My intelligent playlists were by Tag . I think they've changed something in the way the tags are organized.


There's also this "Add new analyze data"...


Same here. Going back to 5.8.5

Not going to update so many files and playlists

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Same for me + the import tag data does not work + my playlist selection are empty i.e even without any empty playlits all of them are gone. Thanks for your help/guidance


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