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Reckordbox for iOS Bar Counter

Loving the new Rekordbox app on my phone. Cloud sync feels like magic.

Just one request.

Right now the bar counter in the player is permanently set to show bars remaining until the next cue point:


If there's no upcoming cue point, the bar counter doesn't show any information:


Could we have the option to set the bar counter to display current position? Like what's available in the Rekordbox desktop app:

The iOS app is for prepping tracks. Knowing the current bar is really helpful when prepping cues, loops, etc. For instance, am I setting this cue at the end of bar 15 or 16? That can make a big difference.

On the other hand, displaying the bars remaining until the next cue feels more like a performance feature and doesn't make as much sense on the iOS app.





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Good point -- I'll pass that to our app team. Thanks for the feedback.

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