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Rekordbox 6 - cloudsync 2 shared dropbox folder


I do DJing in a project with my friend.

We would like to share our library - to have just one song library,

but We have our own dropbox plus plans accounts.

My idea is, that I will sync rekordbox library with dropbox (RekordBox folder will be created) and I will share this folder with my friend.

He will also buy subscription plan of rekordbox and We will sync the music in one rekordbox shared folder on dropbox, so the music will be shared, what more if there are 4devices per license, We can share the meta data as well through one rekordbox account, so We will have the same music, CUEs etc. and as soon as one of us will add some music on the computer and create playlist for the performance, the other guy will automatically see it in his rekordbox.

Is that possible?

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It works fine :) 

Just make shared folder on DROPBOX, login to the same account on two computers / cellphones and make everything in sync.

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