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How to disable lyrics acquisition during analyzing tracks in RB6? "Lyrics acquisition failed"

I'm getting an error during track analyzing: "Lyrics acquisition failed". How do I disable this feature? I see no setting for it in preferences nor is there anything under the Lyric panel in Performance mode.

It's completely irrelevant to me as most tracks I play don't have lyrics. And even if they did I have absolutely no use for such a feature.

On a more general note I feel RB has become horribly bloated, slow and complicated. It's full of features majority of users have absolutely no use for. I need it to make playlists, analyze my tracks and export to USB to use in a CDJ. And rarely to record a mix. That's it. I want a light version of RB.  I have no use for lyrics, performance, lighting etc. Thank you.

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Oh, believe me - it was the first thing I complained about. Why is LYRIC even enabled if you only ever plan on using EXPORT mode?!?

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Ok so I found it..

  1. Enable performance mode
  2. Click the tiny ABC-button to enable lyrics panel (I guess?)
  3. Click the gear icon to go in to preferences
  4. Now there magically has emerged a Lyrics -settings tab
  5. Click 'Enable Lyric Function' to disable it.
  6. No more errors. Job done.
  7. Optional: repeat process for any other features you don't need.

As a professional UI designer and developer I have to say this is very poor design. To have a non essential feature cause errors in an essential feature (BY DEFAULT) and have a crucial view change content based on context without any visual clue as to why that happens. Talk to your UX / UI-people please. 


Ps. Would still like to see a light version of RB. Maybe leave the free features for the Light Version and features needing subscription to a "Pro version"?

Juhamatti Rintaluoma 9 votes
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Couldn't agree more about needing a light version for those of us who just want something to manage/transfer our tracks to USB. For me changing the setting to performance mode does not bring up any further options, I seem to be stuck with this thing trying and failing to acquire lyrics I don't want or need for 4000 tracks. Anybody any ideas why changing to performance mode changes absolutely nothing for me? I'm on a MacBook Air, OSX Mojave. Strangely I do have the correct options to disable lyrics acquisition if I install it on another PC I have (running Windows 8.1) but for some reason this PC doesn't play nice with my USB and manages to miss tracks out of folders and I get error messages when I try play half of my transferred tracks in my CDJ2000 Nexus, I don't have this issue with the same USB using my MacBook. 

Kevin Marston 0 votes
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OK, I have now after quite some head scratching worked it out. I was trying to access performance mode under the preferences by changing analysis to 'performance', my bad. I now see to change to performance mode this is done by clicking in the top left corner where it has the options of export, performance or lighting. After changing to performance mode here I now have the extra tabs under preferences. It really should be much simpler than this, as the OP said, this is poor UI, why on earth are the extra options not there in preferences under all modes and why are unnecessary features to the majority of us activated by default? 

Kevin Marston 1 vote
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Thanks a lot for the fix! :)


P.S. Agreed! A really poor UI design.

César 0 votes
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Thank you very much for the tip, Juhamatti Rintaluoma  ! Was driving me crazy.

I just need Rekordbox to prepare music i'll play on CDJs, just getting started with it. UI feels clunky and bloated compared to other programs, also choices of icons and font sizes doesn't feel professional, also the speed of the UI in general. Please improve, Pioneer. 

Things that are irrelevant for most DJs that just need to prepare playlists for CDJs should be disabled by default (Lightning, Lyrics, Video...)

Andre P 0 votes
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