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DDJ 1000 Display Info

Hi Just a couple of quick questions any idea why rekordbox can display 2 decimal place bpm info yet on the jog wheels its only to 1 for example rekordbox could be saying 120.15 bpm but the jog wheel may just say 120.1 etc bit of a difference, don't see why this can't show the same?  Hopefully someone can tell me there's a way to change this?

Also are we going to be able to select RGB on the jog wheels rather than having to stick with the old blue waveform when 3-band is selected?  Againg can't see why this can't be done surely the jog wheel is just an LCD display?

Ben Mapplebeck

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Definitely due a firmware update for the DDJ 1000 soon, seems like they're not that bothered about it anymore

john mckay 1 vote
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