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Please fix issues in RB6 which have been reported

Hi, please fix the issues which have been reported by the users in the community in the Rekordbox area.

It would be nice if you put more detailed information in the release notes, not just "minor issues fixed", but WHAT you fixed, so one could have an idea if it is time now to update RB5 -> RB6.

As long as I read about so many issues with 6.0.0, I would not do the update (neither trying RB 6.0.1 beta) until they are fixed.


Markus Marquardt Répondu

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Thanks for the feedback, but some of the issues reported are bundled together and some issues are occasionally covered in the "minor" blanket.

Please note you can always install multiple versions in parallel to test and compare.

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How about fixing the issue with the slow startup. This is a software issue,not a PC or Mac problem. The 2 to 3 minute startup time is ridiculous.if the update doesn't fix this I will go back to rekordbox 5

Jaime Calle 1 vote
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@Jaime > You'll need to file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue. Just saying "I have a slow start time" doesn't provide ANY information in troubleshooting the cause. Thank you.

Pulse 0 votes
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