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6.0.1 Beta - ProDJ Link list scrolling on CDJ/XDJ very inconsistent

OS version: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5-4310M
Graphics driver: NVidia
Display resolution: 1280x1024
rekordbox mode: Export/ProDJ Link
Plus Packs: n/a
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version: XDJ-700 (v1.13)

Details: When in ProDJ LInk mode, scrolling of lists performance very inconsistent. Scrolling to Playlists using the dial button show tracks in the playlist without a delay. When scrolling thru Albums, the performance is significantly degraded. Without pressing the select button, scrolling of Albums is taking 3-5 minutes to display the tracks on the display. Pressing select of an Album brings up the tracks immediately. I had this brought to my attention by another DJ using CDJ-2000NX2 (v1.84).

Tested this under RB5.8.5 and scrolling displays are not delayed.

DJ Joel

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With XDJ-1000 using ProDJ Link an scrolling through Albums, the AlbumArt is shown - well it does not show the Picture - it just looks like in the first picture above. But when you scroll back an forth the tracks being shown immediately. But you have to turn the select knob forward and backward.

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