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Static on DDJ100SRT when laptop power plugged in

Have recently upgraded laptop and now when I use Serato I get a static crackling that is worse when i physically touch the platters on the controllers, this does not occur when the laptop power is not plugged in.

The laptop is high spec (i7 quad core, 20Gb Ram, 1TB SSD) and is not struggling in anyway with processor or ram.

All drivers up to date (as well as uninstall and reinstall)

All OS updates done

Tried different power supply

Tried different power outlet

I have ordered a new USB Cable (but it works fine with other laptops and same controller etc)

If I use serato in Play mode (i.e. no controller connected) it works fine

I have eliminated speakers and cables etc by disconnecting and using headphones only

I have read some things about USB 3 problems but dont know where to go next with that

I have tried a USB 2 port but that made no difference

There are only usb 3 ports on the laptop

It's like there's a grounding problem 

Any thoughts?

Tim Poynter Répondu

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You've tried a lot of things, but one of the first search results that comes up on the forums for "crackling DDJ-1000" is this article, which is most likely the issue you're having. (It applies to the DDJ-1000SRT as well.)

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Pulse you are an absolute legend !!! I have been pulling my hair out all day thinking I’m gonna have to return my laptop. Thank you sooooo much.
Pioneer give this man a raise

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