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DDJ-1000 Sound Problems

I have just bought a new DDJ1000 after upgrading from a DDJ400 which worked fine.

Like many others on here I'm getting a clipping noise on the output.

Under the setting Audio, If I change the output to a 'Windows Audio' the sound coming from my speakers is fine, but I can't hear any cueing the headphones. When set to DDJ1000 ASIO there is a constant clipping noise, especially mixing 2 tracks together.

I have read lots of threads on here with people having the same issues and I have tried everything mentioned.

Disable Hyperthead in Bios
Disable Turbo Boost in Bios
Disabled Superfetch
Decrease/Increase Audio Buffer
Put firmware to 1.07
Installed Rekordbox 6
Tried on both battery and mains
Decreased CPU to 99% in power saving
Tried all different headroom options in Controller / Mixer
Disabled Wifi
Disabled Anti Virus

I am running a brand new 2020 Dell XPS 13 i7 laptop with Windows 10.

Anything else I can try? HELP.

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Was there any particular audio buffer size that made a difference?

The new XPS doesn't have any USB-A ports; what are you using to connect the DDJ to the computer? A hub? Adapter? USB-C-to-USB-B cable?

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Buffer changes just made it worse when I went below the default setting, no change going upwards.

I have tried both a genuine Samsung adaptor which came with my phone and I have just bought a dedicated USB-C to USB-B cable, no difference between the two and I am still getting glitches.

I used the DDJ400 with no problems using the supplied cable and my genuine adaptor but the sound coming from the DDJ-1000 is glitchy.

I have also tried updating my bios but that didn't work either.


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