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DDJ SX3 - Hissing noise coming from the controller


So I've had the SX3 for around 8 months now and recently I started noticing it generates a weird hissing noise, I assumed it had something to do with grounding or some sort of electrical noise being picked up, but I'm unsure that's the case.

I can hear the noise coming from the speakers, I can hear it in the headphones with Master Cue on, I can even hear it when I press record in serato and then listen to it

I already tried everything to see if it is caused by the computer or the speakers, lastly I plugged the controller to another power outlet without any other electric devices around, I turned on the master cue and was still able to hear the noise, without no speakers or computers connected to it.

Only thing I am yet to try is using a different power cable, is there anything else I can do? 

I put a video I took in which you can hear the exact sound




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