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DDJ1000 Cpu issues!!!!!

Wondered if somebody could shed any light on the CPU issues with Rekordbox?

I can only run Rekordbox on my Mac, if i open any other application with Rekordbox running the CPU throws it toys out of the pram! The sound then starts glitching. It can just about cope with my external hardrive plugged in (CPU sits at around 20-30% just opening the software)


My Mac is running a 2.4GHZ i5 Processor with 8GB DDR3 Ram (it's the early 2015 Macbook Pro) with Catalina OS.

I have checked all drivers and firmware and all are up to date!

I've had the controller for 1 month and the software bar running on it's own with nothing else is becoming unusable for me.

I have seen people use the DDJ1000 SRT perfectly with numerous applications open (specifically OBS) but for some reason Rekordbox is so CPU heavy it just will not play ball!!

Any tips/advice would be highly appreciated!

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