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6.0.1b - Order of "My Tag" when adding to Comments

While Beta of 6.0.1 corrects the bug of adding "My Tag" to the "Comments", the order they are added is inconsistent with the order they were added in version 5.x

Previous behavior: order in "Comments" consistent with order in "My Tag configuration window" (preferred solution)

Current behavior: order in "Comments" depending on order of "My Tag" selection.


In 6.0.0, My Tag can be added in comments by deselecting and re-selecting the option. While time consuming, this will add to "Comments" in the same order of 5.x versions.

Luca Ferrix

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Hey @Pulse,

I've observed the same behaviour in the official RBDJ v6.0.1. The order of "my tags" is dependent on the order that the tags are added by the user rather than the order they have in the tags pane. It will be awesome if this could be reverted to the behaviour it had in RBDJ 5.x or at least have the option to change it to that in the settings.

Thanks in advance,


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