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rekordbox - Related Tracks: “Same Artist” option

In Rekordbox in the “Related Tracks” section there should be an option to select the "Same Album Artist". Currently there is only an option titled “Same Artist”.

When it comes to featured artists. Some write them in the Song Field and some in the Artist Field. I prefer to write all featured artists in the Latter "Artist Field" and then in the "Album Artist Field" I would name the main artist unless it is a compilation and it would then be Various Artists.

“Same Artist” also grabs tracks when the title contains artist name (e.g. feat..)
*However, this should be extended to the “Artist Field” that should include search returns for partial hits as the "Artist Field can often contain multiple artists". Where the "Album Artist Field" usually contains just one artist or band.


For example:

Track Field: Song X
Artist Field: Artist A (feat. Artist B, Artist C & Artist D)
Album Artist Field: Artist A


Currently the search for “Same Artist” only finds songs related to “Artist A” if there are no accompanying features in the artist field. Also if I am playing a song by “Artist B” or “Artist C” or “Artist D” The Related tracks feature will not return track: “Song X” in its search results as that track is attributed to the entire script written in the "Artist Field" and doesnt account for partial hits of any artist name than may appear in this field. Thats why i suggested that there should also be a "Same Album Artist" field to work in tandem with a "Same Artist" Field

In iTunes you can create smart lists where if you Search for "Artist B" regardless if he is the lead artist or featured/feat. artist, it will return a result with every track where "Artist B" appears in the “Artist Field” as long as the name of the artist is spelled correctly.


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it is very difficult to do so a lot of music and it is not clear. I don't see it listed, only Artis Field (Artist A) It would be nice to find it in Artis Field if I'm looking for Artist A or Artist B or Artist C. Can you help me make this work? It would help a lot. You can also find the title of the song if it is Artis A, Artis B, or Artis C.
  Please include this feature in a development. Thanks.

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