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DDJ Ergo - Cracking/Distorted Sound

Hi all, 

I've had my Ergo for several years now. It started off fine, and then all of a sudden the sound started being distorted. It then went in the cupboard for several years as I thought it was broken. However, I recently got it back out and tried it on a different sound system (Bose Companion). It was connected to this via a single jack lead + two way adaptor to convert to rca leads. This worked fine to my amazement!

I then thought, it must be the RCA (Phono Leads), so I ordered another set. Sadly, I have the same problem with distortion. How can this be if I'm ultimately plugging them in the the same place? 

I've gone through the following:

- Two Different laptops;

- Two different AC Receivers;

- Updated Firmware 1.41;

- Updated Drivers.

What is it that's doing this? Tried changing various settings biut not sure if I'm doing it right. Whatever I try (and think I've gone through most of them now), I still can't resolve.

Please help. Getting old and missing my younger feeling music now.


Paul Reid Répondu

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Hi. Thanks for responding. I don't know how to explain other than it has two Jack connectors I'm afraid. If it helps it was a Bose Companion 3, so its the lead which that uses. I literally then plug the jack into a phono lead splitter that goes into the phono points of the Ergo.

Does that help?

I will also try what you have suggested above.

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