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DDJ-SX2 - no sounds from some players.


I have Pioneer DDj-SX2, second hand. 

It's beautiful. :) 

I have little problem - there no sound from Foobar, or from Win Media Player, or from Groove music... 

My browser is Opera and he sounds through DDJ-SX2. 

The Virtual DJ and Serato also works fine. 

What is my problem? 


P.P. My old Numark 4trak & N4 also didn't have this problem. 

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Most software can't use an ASIO device for audio output, so it doesn't necessarily know how to send the audio even if you have the DDJ-SX2 WDM / MME driver selected as the Windows default sound device, it may not work. The purpose of the SX2 is not as a basic audio device - it's a DJ mixer.

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Thanks for your replay. 

Last night i didn't sleep and i find the answer. :)

My DDJ-SX2 plays from all players, but only from one in same moment. 

I'll try to explain with my bad English - if i want to play music from Foobar, for example, i have to close the Opera browser. 

If i want to play music from Opera - i have to close the other players... 

I hope my opinion will be helpful for others. 

Best regards...

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Yes, that's normal - and another reason the device is not intended for general audio output.

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