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this is my 3rd Pioneer Controller in 2 years. had the originally bought the SZ2 had random popping sounds usually within the first 20 minutes into my gigs and every 20 minutes after (how Embarrassing) this was in the first week I had it, so I took it back in exchange for another SZ2 then I had a loud Hiss in the mic and the same random Popping sounds (also within the first week I had it) so I took it back and exchanged it again, but this time I went with the SX3 (Black dot reissue) seemed to work great and i used it for a little over a year.. once in a while a slight pop, but not as noticeable,, also once in a while when all levels were down, I hear a continuous clicking sound every 2 seconds.. it was weird, but again not a big issue.. I used it this past Friday, everything worked great.. I turned it on the next day and no sound, no signal through the unit.. I noticed the waves on Serato were Grey so I thought it was a Serato issue. after an hour of trouble shooting restarting the computer and checking all my Serato settings, computer sound card settings and updating Serato, no luck.. so i opened Virtual DJ and had the same results.. I even tested it with 2 other PC's, still No Luck!! So now I’m guessing it in the controller so I logged onto pioneer and made sure all my drivers are up to date and they were.. I finally did a factory reset with the SX3... Still Nothing... WHY is the happening???? As a computer tech, my guess is Pioneer uses crappy sound cards. i paid nearly $1200. for the controller (with the tax) and I don't think i got 14 months out of it.. Hell, My Smartphone even lasted longer.. I’m very disappointed in Pioneer's products.. 
Please Help!!!
FYI: i noticed someone else had the same problem and you replied to flip the PC switch on the controller.. Note: the SX3 does not have an PC switch on it.. 


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Sorry to hear about the problems with your SX3, it could well be an issue with the unit given that you've tested it with a couple of different computers. Please contact a Pioneer DJ authorized service centre in your region to have your hardware inspected and/or repaired.

The popping issues were more likely your computer - the Intel Turbo Boost can cause this to occur; try disabling it. As for the clicking sound, try disconnecting your laptop's power supply; it could well be a poorly isolated charging circuit is causing noise on the USB bus.

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