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New Hardware Controller soon ??

So im finally going to jump on the Pioneer Bandwagon of DJ Controllers such as the DDJ1000.

My go to would be the DDJ1000. I love new hardware but this is like 2yrs old approx.

Anyone who knows pioneer and followed when they bring out new gear and how often  would u say Namm this year could possibly bring a new similar version. ????

Because im happy to wait for new gear

Jamie Skontouroglou Répondu

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Hey Jamie,

I tell anyone asking this question that the best time to purchase gear is when they need it. The most likely time for new product announcements is around big North American or European trade shows, but as those are in the air this year, it's going to be unpredictable.

The used market for DDJ-1000's is pretty good, so you may consider that route if the DDJ-1000 is what you need / want.

I also tell them this.

Bottom line, if you can wait - wait.

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Pioneer DJ never does any forecasts, or hints to new coming hardware. You'll have to wait and see. And the NAMM is also no guarantee for new Pioneer DJ hardware. They will be present as always, but maybe with new software (updates) only, or a new headphone. 

At this moment most Pioneer DJ hardware users expect a CDJ-2000NXS2 follow-up after 4 years, but still this is expected, and not a fact.

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