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Request for sp 16

Is a joke that we can upload and rec 60 seconds samples but we can't make them sound more than 4 bars... I mean, for the price of the sp 16 seems like a joke that we can't make longer patterns. It's a fantastic piece of gear but i'm very upset for a few things that make it a kind of a joke for the price I paid. Longer patterns, more fxs, second send fx, quantized stop per track. I hope toraiz team can think about their clients who trust in them when they say 'we keep this product update'

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Thank you for your feedback, Marti.  Those are all very good suggestions and we are aware, after collecting feedback from many users, which features have the most urgency to provide our customers in the future.  I myself do not have a direct line to the R&D schedule or task list, but I can tell you that we are aware of the strong desire for these improvements.

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