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Changing file names and relocating in Rekordbox


I'm using Rekordbox 5.8.3 on Mac OS Mojave. I recently had to change the names of all my music files from %artist% - %title% to %title% - %artist%, but since then Rekordbox requires me to relocate all of my files. They are all in the same folder, so I tried to use the "Missing File" option, but it always says that Rekordbox did not find any file (though every time it finds the songs through which I started the relocation). 

The change in file name does not pose any problem when I relocate one song at a time, but as soon as there are 2 or more songs it doesn't work.

Is there any way to resolve this?



Zohar Fiszman

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I'll just let you know that relocation works for missing files that have been moved, not renamed. If you want to do a full rename relocation, you're going to have to find them one at a time or you'll have to use an XML work-around which I won't get into here due to the complexity and not-officially-supported nature of it.

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