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Beatportlink analysis

OS version:Windows 7
CPU:I7 2640M 2.80Ghz
Graphics driver:intel HD Graphics 3000
Display resolution:1600 x 900
rekordbox mode: Performance / Export
Plus Packs: dj / dvs
Model name of Pioneer DJ product used with rekordbox, Firmware/Driver version:
Rekordbox V 6.0.1 , Djm 750


I'm having a Beatportlink song analysis problem with Rekordbox V6 Beta.
On photos 1 and 2 I placed two identical pieces on the left a title bought on the right the same title but coming from Beatport Link.
On the first photo, at the beginning of the piece the grid is not called, on the second photo I advanced the reading of the pieces the grid this recalls.
I specify that the analysis was made in normal on electronic tracks. I did this test on several BeatportLink tracks, I have the same problem.

Cordially Tony

Tony L Répondu

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Hi Tony, youre not alone on this. I just wanted to offer emotional support and a temporary workaround.

here is a reply I made to another thread that someone else posted. 


"I have a support ticket that got a reply a few days ago. Their engineering team replicated the issue and is investigating it further. I'm having this issue with different computers and accounts. Really odd if you ask me. A fix for this I discovered was going back to RB 5.6.1. (not working with 5.8, and 5.7 is unavailable). But going to 5.6, I lose all the new beatport link features :("

Here is a link to my thread that I created. It has screenshots and links to other people reporting it. I eventually made a support ticket that as mentioned above, has been acknowledged by Pioneer's engineering team on 5/21/20.


I have high hopes for this fix and am constantly checking back. I should be given a month free to comp my Beatport Link Pro subscription :O


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