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Occasional 1-second audio stutter when attempting to stream with OBS

I'm experiencing an issue with my audio when I'm streaming with OBS where once in a while, partially randomly, the audio jitters and stutters a bit for usually no more than one whole second. Here are some general notes about my setup, and some information I was able to gather whenever I replicated the issue for testing:

  • Controller is the XDJ-RX2 in MIDI mode
  • Software is rekordbox 6.0.0 while using PC Master Out turned on (to grab audio for OBS)
  • CPU usage during stream generally between 30% and 45%, nothing higher (at least what OBS claims)
  • Audio Dropout Meter never peaked at any point (I made sure to watch out for it when attempting to replicate the problem)
  • Issue occurred either seemingly randomly (aka not actively doing anything) or when pushing RB performance (such as scrolling quickly through browser or even loading a track)
  • As mentioned above, no visible signs of an issue occurring when audio problem happens (such as CPU or Dropout Meter spike), though issue only happens when I'm streaming or recording (if OBS is not open, no issues occur)

Just in case someone wants to see/hear the problem, I did grab a clip from my stream as an example of the issue occurring; in this situation it seems loading a track caused the stutter. Apologies for the low audio, I'm working on that.


I saw a few other topics with similar issues and noted a recurring solution was to adjust the buffer size, though I am unable to do so when the RX2's audio is being used. What other avenues for adjusting settings should I look into in order to resolve this problem?


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Does this only happen when streaming with OBS?

Try increasing the audio buffer size within rekordbox and see if it persists.

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As mentioned, the issue occurs when I am actively either streaming or recording. If OBS is simply open but not doing either major activity, or the software is closed entirely, I did not experience any audio issues. Also as mentioned, I was unable to adjust the audio buffer size within rekordbox while using the RX2; however, I did just now notice the "XDJ-RX2 Setting Utility" program on my computer and I am able to adjust the device's buffer size through there.

After playing around with the settings, the stuttering became more infrequent but didn't quite disappear completely. Unfortunately I also seemingly introduced a new issue where an audible beep occurs and the playing track pauses a bit during the short beep; this can occur when loading a deck or simply sitting idly letting the tracks play out. I've even had it happen when doing small actions such as setting a cue point on a different track or turning on deck/master cue audio. Increasing the buffer size only seemed to increase the frequency of the audio beep issue. Interestingly, only I can hear the audio beep while the stream/recording only experiences a stutter. Again, the issue only seems to occur while OBS is actively streaming/recording. I am currently at a buffer size of 896, unsure if I should increase or lower the number.

I'll link to another video of two example instances where the new issue occurred: turning on/off deck cue audio and just letting two tracks play simultaneously. For the first example, the spinning jog wheel and track waveform noticeably pauses for a bit (side note: there's an audio delay with the stream audio); the second example is a lot more brief so it's not quite as visibly apparent. As mentioned earlier, the stream audio is just a stutter while I'm experiencing a loud beep through my master and monitor audio.


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