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Speakers latency issue (DDJ 400)

So I have issues with the output to speakers having a bit of latency. I'm have the DDJ-400 Wasapi option selected on audio, run the controller directly to my speakers with RCA cables so the latency is not coming from that and the DDJ-400 line set as default audio device on Windows 10 settings.

I had actually fixed this issue before by setting the corresponding line as default and disabling the laptop speakers on Windows 10 audio devices setting, but the latency issue came back randomly some days later. It makes beatmatching with the headphones and speakers impossible, cueing a song is always off time and I have to immediatly adjust with the jog wheel, so it's definitely noticeable enough to cause trouble.

My speakers don't have any audio processing setting on (or at all if I'm not mistaken) so that isn't the issue too.

What might be the issue? Later today I'll try just returning all rekordbox settings to default to see if something there is at fault. 


Sebastian Steinigger

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