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Rekordbox DVS - CDJ cue button

Evening all, I'm currently using a DJM450 with Rekordbox/Rekordbox DVS and x2 CDJ800mk2, which run absolutely fine with the software, better than imagined considering the decks are well over 10+ years old... anyway, the CUE button(s) on the CDJs don't cue (put the track back to the start/cue point) using Rekordbox/DVS, for example... the track auto cues to the first beat fine, and will play and pause fine, however when I press the cue button to put the track back to the start, it just pauses the track, now.... I've been working around this by simply clicking the mouse/cursor in the waveform back to the start, however it would be nice to be able to use the cue button, as a cue button. Hope this makes sense. Any help appreciated. Regards
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That's normal - because pressing the cue button effectively stops playback, the DVS signal is no longer telling the deck to play forward at a certain speed. If you were to tap the cue button, it should stutter itself forward (in RELative mode) or actually jump back to the cue point (in ABSolute mode).

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