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XDJ RX2 in Rekordbox export/link mode not working properly

I have an XDJ RX2, running on windows 10 and downloaded all the latest drivers for firmware software and link mode. Everything Works fine in performance mode but when I try to use link mode I.e. switch to export mode in rekordbox and using link connect to my library using the rekordbox box button, not all the features of the unit work properly? I can scroll through tracks but when I select them I get a screen warning on the unit on the first two tracks I select asking me to select track again in order to connect to the pc and then when I select again the track auto plays despite settings saying not to Etc, also, the cue button and play buttons on the unit don’t work properly in this mode either nor do the hot cues, I found it only seems to work properly if I drag and drop each track onto the deck icon at the bottom of the screen within Rekordbox. What am I doing wrong?????? 

Greg Norris

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There are 4 components that need to connect in order to function properly - it sounds like you possibly have some of them blocked by the firewall or security application. Please try disabling those first to troubleshoot.

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