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CDJ-350 not working with Rekordbox 6

Hi all,

I had Rekordbox 5 and could control it with my CDJs-350 no problem. I'd start Rekordbox, connect the CDJs and it'd ask me to select Deck A or B on each.

Now I've upgraded to a Rekordbox 6 subscription and the CDJs just display "Control Mode Connect" and stay there, do nothing, no pressing of buttons change anything.

I'm really disappointed as I need to use this on a daily basis and now there's not even an option to go back to a Rekordbox 5 subscription! On your documentation, it says CDJ-350 are supported.

I am using a 2019 Macbook Pro with Mojave. Everything worked perfectly on Rekordbox 5. I am using the latest firmware with the CDJs.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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With rekordbox 6, you'll need a subscription plan to use the CDJ-350's as control devices as they're only compatible, not hardware-unlock units. As you would have had a license key to use performance mode in rekordbox 5, upgrading to 6 will require a similar purchase. 

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Hello and thank you for your answer.

If you had read thoroughly through my post you’d known I’ve upgraded to Rekordbox 6. I paid for a subscription. It shows up on my profile under licenses. I can access performance mode on Rekordbox. But the CDJs simply do not connect.

Kindly awaiting further support.

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