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DDJ-1000+Rekordbox 6.0.1 to OBS: saturated and distorded


After fixing my EQ issue with the new Windows Update I have now an issue when streaming using OBS.

OBS setup:

Headroom: -9

ChannelLevel: First Yellow LED

Windows10 64

I use the Asio drivers to output audio from the computer speakers as in your tutorial. However when I select it in OBS, it is high distorted and saturated at and the volume is at +0 or +0.2 dB.

If I connect using the DDJ-Line, Peak comes to what it should be, around -9dB.

I tried what was told in another post to disable Intel CPU Turbo Boat and to increase sample to 512 but it had no impact.

Any idea?

Thank you



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Let me send screenshot, it may be easier to understand.

My Channel Level in Rekordbox:

Headroom: -9dB

Auto Gain: Disable

Peak Limiter for the Master Output: Enable

If Rekordbox Audio is set to ASIO, it leads to saturation + distortion in OBS:

If Rekordbox Audio is set to LINE, Level is as expected in OBS:


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In the screenshot you have the volume in OBS turned up all the way, have you tried running it in ASIO with the volume level turned down?

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Yes, of course. I turn it down to -3, -10, etc. Still the same distortion.

As you can see in the screenshot from OBS VU meter, on the left,the 2 small dots signal the strength of the incoming signal. If white color (as displayed on the picture above when I use ASIO drivers) it means the incoming signal is above -0.5dB.

I even was able to read the exact signal entering OBS, using the input of the VST compressor ReaXcomp and it read the input is between -0.2dB and +0.2dB, what is way too high. With a headroom of -9dB, my input should be around -9dB too.

I even checked the sound settings in the Windows control panel and the signal peaks already there.

Issue is not in how OBS process the signal but of the strength of the incoming signal that is already distorted.

FYI, in case it can help, If I record from Rekorbox in WAV, it is not distorted and the level are correct.

So it means this is really when Rekordbox output the signal to the computer.

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Update: I found a workaround.

I am using the VB-Audio Virtual Cable and all is good:

The level of the input to OBS is around -11/-12 dB what is expected because OBS makes a -3dB by default.

So it really seems that using the default ASIO to stream to the computer "Speaker" output (as shown in the article here) is not working.

Either it should be fix or this article remove (or fixed instructing to use a Virtual Cable), IMHO.

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