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Hi friends, 

We really need a way to drag-and-drop the cue/loop hotcues in the UI. It is such a frustrating experience to have to re-set the sequence of the quepoints - one has to delete and re-add. 

Also, please consider that during track prep time the user has to bounce between the que/loop tab and grid tabs. There is plenty of real estate to show both button sets together on a single screen/state. Eliminating the extra click to toggle for each track. 


Thank you for the consideration. 

Ivan Todorov

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Drag-and-drop (reorderable hot cues) is something that's been on the request list for a while, but we don't have a timeframe for implementation.

The reason the grid is on a separate page is that it's not a performance feature; it's seldom used while playing, so it's not taking up real-estate on the GUI.


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@Pulse I think he is referring to Export mode which makes sense. It can become frustrating to keep switching when having to fix rogue beat grids and set hot hues/loops whilst prepping. A check box option like within the Preferences>Effect Panel would be ideal.


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