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How to do a clean uninstall?

How do you uninstal Rekordbox? There is no unistal tool and would like to uninstall and then reinstal.  Rekordbox keeps crashing on me and believe that it is due to inturruption during the download, due to a flash storm that took my power out.  

Thanks David 

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If you don't want to lose your database / settings, I don't recommend uninstalling everything, simply install a new version over the old one and it will replace the necessary system files.

For Windows, you don't want to install 6.0.1 right now as there's a problem, you can install the 6.0.0 version, or the 6.0.1 beta instead (which doesn't have the issue).

If you want to FULLY uninstall EVERYTHING, you need to remove these folders after running the uninstaller:

Win 7/8/10:

/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Pioneer/


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I am a mac user..   how do i do a clean un install of everything 6.0 and above but not mess anything with 5?



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