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Rekordbox DJ 6 xone 96

Hi I've got two questions Firstly, I have a xone 96 on the way, sometimes I use rekordbox DJ. Will I be able to plug my laptop with rekordbox on into the usb soundcard of the xone 96 and route the audio channels to the 4 channels of the mixer? I use a kontrol x1 mk 2 and a xone k2 MK2 to control rekordbox currently so would like to continue to use that for effects / deck control but mix with the channels / filters etc on the xone 96 Secondly I've mapped the kontrol x1 and the xone k2 in rekordbox but there doesn't seem to be a way to save or export the mapping (in case there are computer issues I'd like to have a back up to save me having to do it all again) Many thanks for any help and advice with these issues P.s love the new V10 mixer, as soon as there is a 4 channel option I will be replacing the xone 96 with one of them definitely

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Thanks for the response Tobi but as of last night I've given up on rekordbox and gone back to traktor.

Once again it lost all of my midi commands on my xonek2 and without the ability to 'save' / export the setup it would mean I need to reprogramme it all again. Pioneer are putting up too many barriers to using other products with the software so unfortunately (as i'd invested a lot of time setting cue points / loops with rekordbox) I'm moving back to traktor which I know will work out of the box with the xone 96 and is less glitchy / barrier laiden than rekordbox dj has become.

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