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Convert rekordbox database 6 back to RB5

RB 6 causes a real performancehit   in compared with RB5 on my macbook pro.   very often audio  dropouts  on RB 6.0.1  when cpu spikes (which never happend in RB5).

i want to go back to RB5,  it just runs WAY smoother.


another reason why i want to go back to RB5:

RB6 doesn't support XML-export!

i also use Tribe XR  (a VR-dj-app)  which can import RB 5 xml-database files.

since i switched to RB6, i can't use my RB database any more.


i want to go back to RB5 where everything works  and had no issues at all  very bad.


is there any way to convert RB6  database  back to RB5?   please help


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No, sorry - there is no backwards compatibility as the database was updated in v6.

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This is terrible!   i whish i never upgraded to RB6.

Pioneer should warn users about the cons of upgrading BEFORE they upgrade.  i wasn't aware that XML-export is completely removed  and apparantly requires higher system-specs to run smooth.

i looked up the current minimum requirements to run RB6:

• CPU: 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel®processor Core™ i5
• Memory: 8 GB (or more) RAM
• Hard disk/SSD: 2 GB (or more) free space (excluding space necessary for storing
music files)
• Display resolution: 1 280 × 768 (or larger)
• Sound: Audio output to speakers, headphones, etc. (built-in or external audio
• Internet connection: For the account registration or inquires, use a web browser
supporting 128-bit SSL (e.g. Safari 10 or later, Internet Explorer® 11 or later).
• USB port: A USB port is required to transfer music files to a USB storage device
(flash memory, hard disk, etc.) or to connect to a DJ controller.
• LAN port: An Ethernet LAN adapter (RJ45 port) is required for communication with
DJ equipment to transfer music files to a PRO DJ LINK compatible CDJ/XDJ
series, etc. For details, refer to the Instruction Manual of the Pioneer DJ product.

my macbookpro has these specs:

1x SSD  120GB
1x SSD  1 TB

NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M / Intel HD Graphics

8 GB ram

i7  Dual core  2,66Ghz - 4 threads

and a Pioneer DDJ-1000


that's more than the minimum requirements.  Still i got occasionally hickups  which never happened on RB5.


i do have to mention that i'm happy with 1 single new feature: Ableton link
but it's useless if it makes your system dis-perform.

is there any way  to get an XML-export  out of RB6?    then i would be able to import that back in to RB5.  i really regret  upgrading to RB6

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I'm sorry you're having difficulties with the update to rekordbox 6. Have you verified that you have disabled the DVS, Video, Lyric, and Lighting modules if you are not using them? They are enabled by default even if you don't use them.

I'll also note that the minimum specs are for using rekordbox in export mode - performance mode needs higher system resources.

XML is something we're working on, but have no other information available at this time.

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i have someting to confess.

my macbook is 10 years old. i use it dedicated  only for rekordbox, nothing else.

it occured to me that the high cpu usage had little to do with the upgrade from RB5  to RB6 after all. i found directions on the internet to clean out the dust in the fans and re-thermalpaste the heat-sink for both GPU and CPU.

i carefully followed all directions.  took my macbook apart, cleaned the fans  re-pasted  heatsink.

put it back together.  but while booting it up unfortunatly   all cores  display 100% cpu usage  and is  slow as h*ll.
i figured i must have missed a flatcable connecter or something   or used too much paste.  i did  the disassembling  and repasting 3 times, but it keeps blowing 100% when turning back on.

so  maybe the trouble was on my macbook  in stead of RB5 to 6 upgrade.
i might have to say goodbye to my macbook  and buy  something else.

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as i dived deep into troubleshooting hardware issues on my macbook, i found some more common issues that may occure on this particular model macbook like losing display caused bij a bad capacitor   or cpu-throttle going mad  because of a faulty thermal-sensor.

i fixed one of them, but then it became clear to me: i can't rely on such old hardware anymore.  so  as i was still able to boot the thing   i restored an older database backup of RB5  (any changes i made between RB5 and RB6 are gone)   exported the entire thing to an external disk,  i deactivated my licence on my mackbook.

i'm now on a Windows laptop   RB 5   my old database restored,  licence activated.

it was quite a pain in the ass to relocate some of the mp3s (about 5000). i have about 48.000 mp3s  and because of the filesystem differences between macos and windows  i really had a hard time  telling RB5  were to look (allmost every single folder had to be pointed to).


i have tip for anyone who's looking to get pc-hardware suitable to run Rekordbox.

this wil run some in-depth tests to see how good your system can handle realtime audio. i recommend anyone who's on windows using RB  to try it.

now that everything is kinda  back to normal  i can focus more on djing again :D

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