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Moved from external database to local but collection empty. Can files be restored from exported USB?

Had RB library on external hard drive and wanted to migrate back to local machine HD (where I started originally). Moved contents of external drive to local HD folder. Closed RB & reopened w/o database, showing no files in RB anymore. Changed database location in preferences to the new desired location on HD, but no files import in. Change back to old location on external drive, still no files import back in. (Oh no) I feel like when I opened RB without a database I lost everything and now can't get it back. I do have exported USBs with my analyzed library on them - can I restore the files/database from that? How can I have moved my database and files both on an external drive correctly, but when I point to them, RB is still empty? Is there any way to recover the files instead reimporting and reanalyzing thousands of files? Could I have just previously been storing my music files on the drive but actually had the database on the machine and accidentally blown that away before completing this move? The Pioneer folder on the external drive does not seem to have an XML file (which is baffling to me) 

Chris Duffy

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I seem to be completely hosed in terms of getting back to the original state of rekordbox on my computer.

I do have an export of the state of the collection w/ playlists and manually adjusted grids, etc., on a performance usb.

Is it possible to rebuild/restore a local database and collection with all the beat grid / cue point data from that?

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