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Mobile Library Sync Error


While mobile syncing some 2000 tracks, Rekordbox (OSX) keeps on loosing the connection to the phone every 30 tracks or so.

It displays :

"Mobile Library Sync Error

When transfering or deleting tracks, connection to the mobile device ended unexpectedly.

Reconnect to the mobile and attempt transfer or deletion again."

I then need to quit Rekordbox (iOS) and relaunch it to be able to connect to Rekordbox (OSX) properly again.

OSX 10.15.5 / Rekordbox (OSX) 6.0.1 / Rekordbox (iOS) 3.0.1

I've disabled OSX energy saver.

Please advise :-)

By the way USB sync would be a treat in 2020.


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It's possibly a network connection issue - what is the wireless router you're using?

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