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Ddj rb os 10.7

Hello good afternoon, I'm Bruno Quak.

I have an old macbook, with 10.7 system still, I managed to install rekordbox and the audio drive, however when I open rekordbox, I can only control the program, it does not appear in the audio options.

When I open the audio controller, it says that the controller is connected.

However, it also doesn't appear in the system's audio options.

I installed the traktor, and the problem was also the same, I can control but I cannot select the audio.

I have a mac with the 10.13 system, everything works perfectly.

I suspect it may be the firmware, which is at 1.3 (updated), so it doesn't recognize on the older drive.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do, if I can downgrade the firmware, if I can, where I download the old file, or if there is any other solution for it to recognize the audio in the 10.7 system


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