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Export to USB not consistent

I have all of my tracks stored in folders (by genre) on a USB drive. All of the tracks are imported into my Rekordbox collection (from that USB drive), analyzed, and cue points created. Everything there works fine.

When I drag them from my collection (select all and drag to the device), *almost* all of the tracks are added to the device database WITHOUT copying them to the Contents folder. 

However, some random tracks are also copied. About 35 out of 500 are duplicated into the Contents folder on the USB drive. If I try to delete the file from the Contents folder, I get the red exclamation point. If I use the relocate feature, I get the error message "This file is already in the collection."

What is causing Rekordbox to do this for these select tracks? Is there a setting or an XML/settings file I can edit to correct this? I need to have these files stored on this drive for various reasons and I don't want an extra copy of every track stored in the Contents folder.

I am using Rekordbox 5.6.0 on Mac (Sierra). Thanks for any tips or pointers in the right direction! 

Matthew Anderson

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