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Latency in Export Mode

Is anyone getting latency in export mode ?

This is highly annoying, especially when trying set cue points.

I'm not seeing any drop outs in the 'Audio Dropout Meter'.

PC CPU is 18-24% and I have 64G RAM on W10.

I'm on 6.0.1 and this was happening in 6.0.




Glenn Petersen

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I've done more investigation into this and it seams the latency lag happens when my PC has been switched on for around 9 hours !

The latency issue is fixed when I reboot.

Strange & annoying :(

Glenn Petersen 0 votes
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rekordbox 6 is a total failure regarding its incomparable performance with version 5.8.5. In addition to that we have to pay a monthly fee, and our investment in equipment and licenses totally denigrated. we do not support this campaign that goes against its own clients in an economic way. so that other companies do not do the same.

Jesus cano 0 votes
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