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DDJ SB3 and Virtual DJ

Hello all. New member here and new owner of a DDJ-SB3. I use Virtual DJ for mixing. I connected the SB3 on my Windows 10 laptop. Windows 10 recognizes the controller. When I open Virtual DJ, I am met with a dialog box and asked to choose either my laptop's soundcard or the SB3.  I choose the SB3, of course. The issue is that other than the master and headphone level knobs, none of the other buttons do anything.  I can hear the music through the speakers connected to the SB3.


I go into VDJ's settings and make sure the SB3 is chosen, but that doesn't help. I downloaded and installed Serato DJ Lite. None of the buttons do anything while in Serato, either. I am not sure what to else try. Thanks.

Ele Espinosa

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the SB3 has issues and Pioneer wont do anything about it because its been discontinued.  You S.O.L. sorry.

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