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Headphone Issue - Hear Master Sound w/ No Cue Selected and Master Completely Off

This is a recurring issue I'm having. I can hear the master out of one side of the headphones and I have the master all the way down and there is no cue selected. I have booth set to blank. You can see all my settings and the situation in the dropbox video.

This is happening in Rekordbox 5 and 6. I'm running macOS Catalina 10.15.5 and have the latest DDJ 1000 drivers.

This is super annoying and can't believe this keeps happening. Only way to fix it is to reset my computer. No changing of settings will fix this other than rebooting. Happens to me several times a week. Losing faith in Rekordbox and the DDJ 1000.


Any ideas how to resolve this so it doesn't happen at all ever???

#annoyed 🤬


Mike Lord

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