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DDJ 800 - Right deck Jog-Display suddenly stopped working (permanent white/static screen)

This is the second time I'm posting this as the last time a month ago I got no reply/help: On my new DDJ 800's I suddenly encountered a very annoying problem: The right decks Jog Display is just showing a permanent white/static screen. It worked fine the past weeks and I got the DDJ 800's brand new from the store so I can imagine it to be a software issue.

I got the Display to work for a few seconds only for it to turn faulty again into a permanent half white half greyi'sh with weird static lines screen. I'm using the lastest firmware and I have never encountered this issue before. In fact I havent changed anything the last time I used it yesterday. It was just working fine.

Trying to restart the controller immediately shows that static imagine again. The display on the left deck however works fine. Any other functions apart from the display is working fine


Here is a photo of the screen. The controller is only a few weeks old. Never been moved around and just been staying in my bedroom. So basically brand new.


David Tahmassebi Répondu

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Hi David did you find a solution for this, I have recently had a similar fault with my DDJ-800.


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Hey Rob, only way to get it fixed was to sent it in for repairs. It's working until this date. Best regards

David Tahmassebi 0 votes
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