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New Macbook Pro but DDJ-SB2 not communicating right

Hi all

I just got a new Macbook Pro, Mojave OS, and I am having trouble with my DDJ-SB2 controller. It works with Serato on my old Mac fine but now on the new machine some lights are on but none of the buttons are working on Rekordbox on the Mac. I have already checked the preferences and it’s showing in the controller box but the information box at the bottom is blank.

I checked the Audio Midi setup and it's showing on the USB. I rescanned. Music is able to play on the speakers connected to the controller so the audio output is working fine. In the system preferences under sound it's set to DDJ-SB2 for input.

I made the security fix and tried to install the driver DDJ-RB but then thought this may not be right so I reinstalled Rekordbox again and updated it. 

I've run out of options. The USB cable could be faulty but it's brand new so I think that's unlikely. (Tried different USB ports on the MacBook.

Anyone have any more suggestions? I have read all the other posts but many are old so have hit a head end. 

Thanks for any help!

Maisie Brizzolara

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