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Odd question about pro dj link ddj 200 and djs 1000

If I connect my laptop to a Ethernet switch that’s connected to my djs1000 can recordbox do pro dj link so I can sync the sampler with performance mode in rb?


and then if I had a ddj200 could I use that to control Rb and still stay synced and connected?


im basically looking for a way to practice using my sampler at home in a similar way I’d use it in the club for super cheap and tiny footprint. I don’t have space for cdjs or an xdj. I have the full Rb licence (if that makes a difference for pro dj link)



dean curtis

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The answer is yes and no.

The "no" is that the DJS-1000 doesn't work directly with rekordbox in performance mode, which is required for the DDJ-200.

The "yes' is that you could use the Ableton Link feature to synchronize the signal outbound from rekordbox through a 3rd party application (I use the Link-to-MIDI app on my iPhone), and connect a USB cable from the DJS-1000 to your iOS device with USB camera kit, or from the DJS to your computer (other apps can do this too, eg. Ableton), and then set the DJS to sync to MIDI over USB.

It's a bit complex, but unfortunately the necessary work-around for the time being.

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Alright I'll give that a go if I decide to go down that road. Does link work in export mode?


I'm interested to know why theres no link in performance mode though. Is that a technical limitation, or a decision to not have it there and keep link to the higher end units?


Thanks pulse, always coming with the knowledge

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Ableton Link doesn't work in EXPORT mode, but the DDJ-200 doesn't work in export mode either.

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