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XDJ1000MK2 Export via Ethernet ?!


I have two XDJ1000MK2 player connected via USB
to Rekordbox 5 on a Windows 10 System
to play in Export Mode, what works great!

But because I want to move to a computer
which is further away from the players
I want to change from USB to Ethernet

but if I put the players via Ethernet on a switch
the LINK Button in Export mode doesnt appear

is it generaly possible to use the export mode via ethernet?
if yes, how to do it :D

thanks in advance

Marco Enrico Cantalamessa

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Export mode is designed for ethernet! If the link button doesn't appear, it's most likely a firewall setting on your PC causing the players to not appear.

Check the firewall first, but also verify that your wired network is set to "Private" and not "Public."

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