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xdj 700 Scroll knob not working

One of my xdj 700 doesn't allow me to use the scroll knob. I can only select using the search mode with the touch screen.

What can I do?


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Hi....As distant as I know, the other drive designs compatibility is still a work in advance indeed in spite of the fact that it's said within the specs, but they're doing a parcel of the other stuff you need. Individuals who appear up with a Rekordbox playlist and their hot signals will get physical buttons, as well. The Denons still have a few highlights and plan choices to address, in my supposition, and right now have a top-end roll-off, but I suspect most of usually attending to be fixed/improved. On the also side, they sound truly great at negative pitches with key bolt on and they do coordinate well with a few MM phono cartridges.


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