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XDJ700 Emergency Loop 0060 and Library Not Responding

I'm having a bit a nightmare in Link Mode. I seem to be getting emergency loops after 5-10 minutes. It's either a standard emergency loop or now it's showing "emergency loop 0060" and also I was getting "Library not responding" error too. It's happening on random tracks and not consistently the same tracks.

Things I did recently that changed:
- Didn't use link mode for 6 months or so until now.
- Upgraded Rekordbox to 6.5.2 from the latest V5 version
- Now using Mixed In Key 10 export cue points so all my tracks have 6-8 cue points where as before probably only 5% of my tracks had cue points.

My setup:
- XDJ700 x 2 - CDJS - Both on latest Firmware 1.13
- DJM900NXS2 - Mixer on latest firmware 2.07
- Powered Network Router. All ethernets going to that
- Ethernet to USBC going into Laptop
- Laptop is
----- MacBook Pro 2020 - Four Thunderbolt Ports
----- MacO2 Big Sur 11.4


Where do we think the problem lies?

Paul Cocks

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If we have no solutions for this can anyone let me know how I do a factory reset on my XDJ700 perhaps?

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One possible cause I wanted to ask is I put all my songs through mixed in key and exported all the cue points. So I've got hundreds of songs now with 8 cue points from mixed in key. Is that possibibly too much data pere track and making the XDJ 700 freak out and emergency loop 0060 and library not responding message?

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