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We-DJ on Android Phone - Can't see tunes on SD Card

I have an android phone (Fairphone 3 - Android 10) which I use for WeDJ.

It manages to find my tracks stored on the main phone memory, but can't seem to find the tracks stored on my SD card.

Having looked into the problem it seems that there is no control over where WeDJ looks for tracks.....

is this a common problem?

is the problem that the tracks are on the SD card and that won't work?

might the tracks be in too obscure a folder on the SD card (android/data/itunes.android.sync/files/Music) - yeah - that is where my sync program with my PC automatically puts them though!

Any tips very gratefully received!



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Also - is there a way to stop WeDJ picking up all the other audio files stored on my main phone storage?

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