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XDJ + PRO DJ LINK Bridge + Rekordbox Lighting


I am trying to find out how it is possible to use rekordbox lighting, with the pro dj rb-dmx1 XMD lighting interface, and an XDJ-XZ.

I want to be able to have the XDJ-XZ send the phrase information to rekordbox so that it can use this to control the lights. I hoped I could use PRO DJ LINK Bridge software to access the pro DJ link data over a network but it seems that software only supports certain pioneer hardware. Is this the case?

If so, can the XDJ be connected via USB to receive the link data and have rekordbox control the lights. Note, I DO NOT want to use Rekordbox in performance mode, I only want to run Rekordbox to control the lights, the XDJ will be used with USBs.

Ideally I would use PRO DJ LINK Bridge so that the laptop doesn't need to be connected to the XDJ but it seems like that isn't possible.



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The Pro Link Bridge software is not for that purpose, and does not support the XZ. Unfortunately the XZ can currently only be used for lighting control in PERFORMANCE mode.

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Hi Pulse

Perhaps I've misunderstood the intention of the RB-DMX1. Does it have to be used with rekordbox in performance mode?

The way I'd really like to use it is to have a separate laptop that just runs rekordbox in lighting mode, and have it receive the phrase information over the pro link network from our CDJ3000s. We also have a V10 mixer. This way when we have DJs come and play at our events, we can just tell them "ensure you have phrase analysis enabled so the lighting looks good", and have their phrase info sent to RB to have it control the lights.

Is this possible?

The question about the XDJ was to see if this would also work as we've been debating getting one for some of our simpler setups.


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