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Artwork not showing on XDJ-XZ jog wheels


I have search all over and I can't find an answer to this:

When I load a track into a deck I can't see the Artwork on the jog wheel.

I have change the setting to "Artwork", but it stay blank. 

Also in others modes.

The only mode that shows something is "Info" - it show the waveform but  without the small artwork on top of it.


I have tried different types of file, with different resolutions of artwork, and non of them are showing.

The Artwork is showing correct on the rekordbox software of course. 


I'm using the latest rekordbox software 6.5.2 with cloud library sync.

Mac running latest Big Sur software.

Also I re-installed Mac OS, so everything will be as new, and it keeps not showing.

Your thoughts,


Oshry Chen

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