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24 bit chip vs 32 bit chip

Gary Usinger

I had a question about the ddj 1000 that I have on order.  I read that the 32 bit chip was being replaced with a 24 bit one because of the fire in China and having to go elsewhere to get the chips.  The article said that the high standard was not affected, but still, going from 32 to 24 seems like it would make a difference.
My order with GC Pro is now delayed until the 24th and possibly until October.  Will I be getting the 24 or the 32 if I get one shipped out on the 24th?  Will that also be the case if I get one shipped in October.
Maybe this is not a concern, but I just wanted to run this by you.
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Definitely not a concern; we used the 32bit chip for extra overhead.

I'm not sure which components the unit you'll end up getting will contain, however I don't think you'd be able to notice a difference even if you had both units to compare.

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