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Slow loading times once song is selected, Bad USB?

Hi there,

I recently brought a new USB (Kingston DTX 128gb), it is formatted to FAT32 and i have tried to use it on my XDJ 1000 Mk2 and the average load time for the song once selected is about 10 seconds, No hot cues, I have been using (SanDisk Cruzer Glide 16gb/32gb) and they work much faster 1-2 seconds, The question is have i just brought a slow usb compared to the SanDisk's? What do i need to look for in a USB to get load times with song selection like my old USB sticks, I heard read or write only matters when exporting to USB from rekordbox so im unsure on what to get to fix this issue (New USB also freezes when scrolling through the songs on it in rekordbox)

Im trying to get a couple bigger USB's so i can play around with my whole music collection across 3 XDJ's which is about 1200 songs 35.5GB at the moment (One linked and one standalone with the same tracks)

Thanks in advance!


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Hey Jake,

The problem could be the compatibility with that DTX being USB3.2 - the XDJ-1000MK2 has a USB2 host chipset which may not be playing nice with that drive's memory manager. I've been recommending users try to stick with USB3.0 or 3.1gen1 if possible, but of course, we still can't guarantee compatibility as even if I said I have a USB3.1 drive Brand X model Y that works flawlessly, if you buy the same one, the internals may be different.

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