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XDJ-XZ into OBS audio

Oh man. Okay folks, Im no tech rookie here. I stream with 7 cameras, and have user integrated scene changes + user controlled lighting. 
Im on Pioneer CDJ 2000 NX2 with DJM 900. Audio is perfect on Analog to 3.5mm, still exceeds what Twitch can offer. 

Now, I wanted to do mobile streams. I was on a Numark nv2 using analog to 3.5mm. Audio was perfect. 

I purchased a brand new Pioneer XZ, and have been trying to follow 3 different methods online with no luck to get clean audio into OBS. I found instructions for RZ, and XZ, and everything in between. 

Currently trying a brand new Analong for master out, into 3.5mm mic capture input on the laptop. This is what the audio sounds like 


I tried following these instructions from 2020 on Bananarecorder etc using the Digital signal from the XZ cable into rekordbox, and getting audio from it. Didnt work. 

What are the methods you guys are using?
-Analog to 3.5mm?
-USB from XZ to laptop with this huge driver/software method?
-audio interface?

Im at the point I think buying a Scarlett Audio Interface to do so. But the downside, I wanted a clean setup (usb only, plus 1 chord to laptop, and 2 power cables). But I fear the Audio Interface is my only option. 


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"Analong for master out, into 3.5mm mic capture input"

Why are you running a line level into a mic input? Never do that - it will distort because the line levels are too hot for the mic amplification circuitry.

Follow the guide here for Windows, or here for Mac, or consider using another audio interface as a capture device for OBS.

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Thank you for the reply. 

Im not using the line to mic input for the xz, just tried it out. Sadly, this option worked on every other control Ive used but I do understand it's not an option in this case. I should clarify, on my CDJs it's going directly in a line in, signals fine on that (and of course not on mic). But Im having no concerns with the CDJs, just the XZ to laptop here. 

I did try those instructions without success, however maybe Ill restart the process and try again. 

Can you answer this, those instructions would allow for the audio signal to be captured via the USB cable already going to the laptop for rekord box?

2nd - If I cannot get that step to work, is there a preferred or recommended signal coming from the XZ to go into an audio interface (xlr vs 1/4inch?). Eyeballing either a behringer or a scarlett device. 

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