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Error "FORMAT USB" when plugging an SSD to XDJ 700

Hey Rekordbox DJ community,

I have a 64GB SanDisk USB stick, which works fine exporting tracks from Rekordbox and playing them up in XDJ 700 players but the export time is SOOOO long when exporting playlist from Rekordbox to the USB stick.
I've decided to bought an nvme SSD drive, the SanDisk Extreme Portale SSD (https://shop.westerndigital.com/en-gb/products/portable-drives/sandisk-extreme-usb-3-1-ssd#SDSSDE60-1T00-G25). After formating the drive to FAT32 (allocation unit size: 32768) export speed was dramastically increased from RB to the drive. I thought for once, life was good and easy.

But trying to plug the SSD drive to my XDJ players, it says "FORMAT USB" when plugging it in... I  tried to reformat the SSD drive but nothing makes it work with the XDJ, it still says FORMAT USB... My firmware on the XDJ is 1.13 version which I beleive is the latest one available.
I'm running out of ideas, everything you can share in terms of knowledge or solution, I take with joy. Thank you very much and have a good one!


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